Woah, Miss how did you do that!?

So, switching slightly into teacher mode, I thought today I would share with you the process I go through to make some of my pieces.

As mentioned before, I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to paper and sketchbooks, so when inspiration takes hold I grab one of these and start by sketching out an outline. I usually work from found images to help with the detail (like on the mini below).

Once I have sketched out my design, it depends what mood I am in and what the object is as to what I do with it! If it is one of my Zentangle Menagerie, I will divide the animal into smaller sections and add some weight of line to certain parts of the outline, then fill each section with different patterns. I love Zentangling. It is very relaxing and the idea behind it is you don’t think too much about where your piece will end up. I love this idea of just going with the flow and developing a complete focus on what you are doing. I totally zone out when I am doing them! This website has loads more information if you are interested in them here. Next comes the fun part – combining it with different papers. I like to try the drawing with a range from my stash. At the moment I am particularly liking florals, I think its the sunny days (well the few we have had!).

If my drawing is a vintage inspired object, it will usually end up as a watercolour piece. Once I have an outline I will then start masking areas out in preparation for watercolours. I’m not a fan of masking fluid, it smells funny and sticks to everything, but it gets the job done! I then paint in the watercolours or watercolour pencils and when dry, remove the masking fluid. I like to draw around my pieces to add more details. When the piece is finished it usually gets collaged onto some patterned paper or vintage map and sometimes I will add a quote using scabble tiles. Here’s a sneak peak at a new piece!

I guess the final type of piece are my collages. I feel these are quite instinctive. I select different papers and then draw in different details based usually it’s based on the houses I see day to day. I love looking at buildings and noticing the detail, especially on old houses. The house I live in is over a hundred years old (and has the drafts to prove it!) but I love the features all over it. I like spotting random things and wondering who put that hook there and what was it for?

Recently I have been really inspired by different typography and have started playing around with illustrating different quotes. Most of these are based around travel and I currently seem to have a bad case of Wanderlust. I am really enjoying experimenting with different types and learning different lettering styles (which is lucky as we are introducing a Graphic Communication GCSE in September and our first project is Typography!) These pictures are a snapshot from my last travel journal, me planing out a new quote piece and one from the shop!

Ok switching back out of teacher mode now.

Becky x



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