A new addiction…

So for those of you following my instagram you will have noticed my last post was about the course I recently went on. I got to spend the day making mosaics and paper corsets. This is a definite benefit to my job, once in a while I get to do fun things like this! It was one of the best courses I have been on and I may have found a new craft to get addicted to!

It was run by Specialist Crafts, a company who we get some of our art supplies for the department from, over in Leeds. So after a slightly stressful drive over in rush hour traffic (and women in cars shouting at me for no reason) I arrived at Shine ready to get making!

We started with an introduction to mosaics by artist Cleo Mussi. Her work is amazing and defiantly inspired me! She showed us the basics and then let us loose.

Specialist Crafts had loads of fun things laid out ready for us to play with and I managed to get 3 mosaics made in the time we had available (I was still working as the people were tidying up around me though!). They still need grouting but I’m super pleased with them and really want to make some more!

After lunch we swapped over and all the mosaic stuff was replaced with sparkly things ready for paper embellishment. I was like a kid in a candy store! We were shown how to construct a miniature paper corset based on a Victorian corset design. This took a lot longer than I had hoped and was very fiddly. My corset got more and more slap dash as I went on as I wanted to play with the sparkles!


I only had time to decorate half of the corset and even then I think I only had about 15 minutes. There was so much cool stuff to play with though, miniature tagging guns to attach sequins, glitter glue gun glue, gold leaf, heat transfer beads, buttons, sequins, glitter, sparkly paper…the list goes on! I do wish I had more time to play with it all!

Sadly I then had to shoot off to get back to school in time for parents evening. But to cheer me up I got to leave with an amazing free goody bag! It was full of pencil crayons, paints, oil pastels, brushes, pens, glue, mosaics, sketchbook, pencils, lino…so much stuff! I can’t wait to try it all out. I think I will then have to put an order in, but I think that’s what they were hoping!



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