Just for you Yr 10….

I am completely a vintage addict.

Anything that is old, that has a past. I like to imagine the things it has seen and the people who owned it. I once started reading a book whilst at uni about an object that could remember the history that it has been through – think ‘The Red Violin’. I never finished the book and can’t remember what it was called now which is really frustrating as I would like to finish it!


I love collecting vintage dresses and little objects for my house and spend a silly amount of time browsing Etsy and Ebay looking for things! You may have noticed some vintage items in my work as I like to draw them too. I’ve recently photographed some of my favourite teacups too.

Anyway, recently I have had the chance to do a bit of vintage shopping and thought I would share my treasures with you!

For my Husbands’s birthday at the start of the month I bought him a record player. Naturally I took this opportunity to buy some vintage vinyl (as well as a few modern classics!) I grabbed these off ebay for a couple of pounds.I love the music from the 50s and 60s. Its so upbeat and innocent!IMG_2964

And was so excited to win this also for a couple of quid! It has so many of my favourite songs on! I love the Beatles!IMG_2989

Whilst in Paris, I came across a vintage book market where I couldn’t resist buying a souvenir for myself! The books were pretty pricey and I fell in love with one which had a beautiful lilac illustrated cover for 35 Euros but resisted. I did however snap up these:

A lovely little novella and vintage comic book for 5 euors!

A few days later we headed over to Hebden Bridge, which is a lovely artsy town in West Yorkshire. It is a beautiful spot and has some great quirky shops as well as lots of antique shops. I bought a set of vintage threads and a cute Avon bowl from one. There were some other items I have my eye on too but they will have to wait for another day! I plan to use the thread to make some vintage dresses. I bought some vintage fabric and lace a few months ago so these will complement them nicely! The bowl I will use for buttons as the one I have at the moment isn’t big enough!



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