London Baby!

My latest trip has been down to London for the weekend. My Husband bought me 2 tickets to the Harry Potter Studio tour for Christmas so I decided to take my sister (he has no interest in HP) and make a weekend of it!

I love Harry Potter. I have grown up with the books and the films. I remember I started reading the 3rd book first when my Nana bought it for my brother. I started reading it to him as a bedtime story and got completely hooked. I then got the first two books from the library so I could start from the beginning! I had to then convince my mom to buy them for me as she wouldn’t buy me books I had already read. Luckily I won that argument 🙂 The last book came out in my final year of uni so they have been a big part of my growing up. This meant I was a little bit excited about going to the studio!

It was so much fun! I kept saying to my sister “Oh my God we are in the Great Hall” or “Eeek we are walking down Diagon Alley!” We drank Butter beer, got to go inside Number 4 Privet Drive, went on the Hogwarts Express and of course played with the wands! I also bought a chocolate frog and Bertie Botts every flavoured beans (my 13 year old self is delighted by this!) My husband and I have just been experimenting with some of the flavours (…he got grass.)

Once we had finished the studio tour, we headed back into London. In the evening we went to the Comedy Boat Show. Headlining were The Noise Next Door. They are an improv group who we had actually seen before in Manchester. They are very funny and if you get the chance to see them do it! After the comedy the boat turned into a club and we ended up dancing with some of the comedians. We had a great evening!13428384_10102562435497499_4342737860129324014_n

The following day we decided to be tourists. We headed to the Twinings tea shop first so I could stock up on some Turkish Apple tea; and some more unusual flavours (cherry bakewell tea anyone…) Its a great little shop and about 300 years old!

We then visited the Tate Modern. It was the opening weekend of the new wing so we had a wander around there. It feels a lot more spacious in there now. There were some interesting exhibitions going on. I like this piece best I think:


it was quite noisy…

After the Tate we sat by the river on the south bank in the sunshine with a picnic before heading on the London Eye. Its been nearly 10 years since my last trip on it and my sister hadn’t done it before. We also tried the 4D experience after which was interesting…(i’m not giving anything away. Try it for yourself!)

We just had time to check out West End Live before getting the train home. It was cool to see some performances from Pixie Lott and Newton Faulkner promoting the shows they are currently starring in and I got a free Doctor Who comic 🙂 13435418_10102562638795089_4019901998624698586_n

What do you get up to in London?



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