Here is a selection of my work. I like to work mainly with collage, watercolour and ink. All of my work can be purchased from my Etsy shop.

I currently have a few collections to go along side my watercolours, embroidery and collages.

This is my ‘Home Sweet Home’ collection featuring series of houses in a range of combinations and colours, made using beautiful patterned paper and illustrated over the top.

My ‘Zentangle Menagerie’ is a collection of animals drawn in a zentangle style printed onto a range of beautiful floral or geometric patterned paper.

I inherited a stash of vintage atlas’ so have put them to work in my ‘Wanderlust’ collection inspired by my travels and my love of working with text.


I am currently working on a collection ‘This Vintage Life’ which features a range of vintage object done in collage, watercolour and ink. Watch this space…